The Polish Persian Cat Club

We are the first club of Persian cats in Poland. Our club was founded
in May 2006 and it is called Libera.

The aim of our club is not only to popularize this aristocratic breed
and the knowledge about it but also to select the most elitist catteries.
We prefer catteries having achievements in shows in which people lavish love on cats.

This is the oldest breed which due to its endearing personality and great appearance deserves entirely to be cultivated. Persian cats with their beautiful eyes, great fur, gentleness and stoical calmness became the sense of our life. We want to plant this love to everyone.

We invite to our club all breeders of Persian , Himalayan and Exotic cats who cares about high ethical standards in their catteries as well as fans
of these breeds and future breeders.

The club works under the auspices of PFA in Warsaw which is a part
of FIFe.